Hi friend! I'm Wing-Sum.

I'm a mechanical engineer, teacher, and artist.

My research as a PhD candidate focuses on shape-changing robotic systems and flexible mechanisms. I work in SHAPE Lab at Stanford University, where I am advised by Professor Sean Follmer.

I love to teach, and believe in learning through iteration, experimentation, and research. I am an instructor for ME 220: Intro to Sensors and a course assistant for ME 210: Intro to Mechatronics.

Below are some highlights of my work. More details can be found on the dedicated pages.

Video of the curved line display generating a shape that has a peak and a valley.
A Multi-Stable Curved Line Shape Display

Wing-Sum Law, Sofia Wyetzner, Raymond Zhen, and Sean Follmer

In this work, we present a multi-stable curved line shape display, with which we are able to display high curvature, smooth shapes by bending the ends of a flexible rod. We used a discrete elastic rods simulation to inform our actuation strategy, and demonstrated the display's ability to display a variety of shapes consistent with simulation results.

  Paper coming soon  | ICRA 2024

One of my highest priorities as an academic is teaching. I teach for advanced undergraduate / early graduate mechatronics courses. I focus on identifying problem solving approaches through experimentation and connecting physical intuition to complex concepts.

More details about my approach and the classes that I've taught are on the teaching page.

A neon sign in the shape of a grapefruit that says 'Slightly Bitter'.
Custom Neon LED Sign

I've always wanted my own neon sign, but lack the willingness to pay for the real deal. Besides, as an artist, I wanted to design my own. Luckily for me, you can buy pseudo-neon lights – LED strips embedded sideways in colorful silicone that effectively imitate an actual neon light. Using many of these strips, a 24V 5A power supply, some wood sheets, and a lot of soldering, I put together my own version of a neon sign.

  YouTube  | 2022 June 25

I love to draw! See the rest of my art on the art page.


I enjoy a variety of artistic hobbies, including drawing, dancing with Dv8, and making things. To relax, I like to play video games and hang out with my pet rabbit.