Chaos Clock

I adore the video game, Hades. And I especially adore Chaos. So I attempted to make a clock out of the Chaos Gate design. The design part worked out well, but the actual clock part... Well you'll have to watch to find out. I designed and printed my own clock gear train, and added lights to mimic the colors of the Chaos eye. Is it a good clock? No. Was it fun to do this project? Meh. But did it turn out kinda pretty? I'd say yes!


I essentially layered the entire design to have ostentatious gearing, but still capture the shape of the eyes present on all of the Chaos iconography in the game. I started with the actual Chaos Gate design, then added all of the gears, and then added a front face to display the eyes.

Diagram CAD layers for the Chaos Clock. Left most image is the back face, which contains the red and the outline of the eye. Middle image includes the gear train, which have some of the symbols from the game Hades cut out. Right most image is the full CAD, which features the eyes cut out of the front face of the clock.



Luckily for me, the electronics on this project are very simple. Note that the switch does not require a pull up resistor because the board that I'm using has an internal pull up.

Diagram indicating circuit for shortcut keyboard. Diagram includes Arduino Pro Mini connected to Adafruit Neopixel rings, switch, MOSFET driver, and solenoid.

Please see the GitHub repository to find the software, CAD files, and electronics schematics details.


Bonus Content

Here's an extremely good collage I made for this project you are welcome.

From left to right, a picture of happy Megaera, sweaty Zagreus, and serious Thanatos.