My primary goal as a teacher is to help students meet their own learning goals without judgement. For some, this may simply be competency in course material. Others may want to develop a level of mastery with which they can analyze and evaluate different approaches to the material. I aim to design syllabi, assignments, and feedback with the right combination of rigor and flexibility to meet many different students' needs.

In my experience as a teacher, I have noticed two major challenges: (1) student fear of failure leading to aversion to trying multiple approaches and (2) use of equations without understanding of context. To address these challenges, I encourage my students to take an experimental approach to their own learning, and to thoroughly examine and understand a problem prior to attempting any solutions.

My teaching portfolio includes a combination of assignments, syllabi, and student feedback on instruction from the following experiences:

Courses Taught

ME 220: Intro to SensorsPrimary Instructor2024
ME 210: Intro to MechatronicsCourse Assistant2024
ME 210: Intro to MechatronicsCourse Assistant2023



CIRTL@Stanford AssociateIn Progress
Graduate Course Design Institute2024



Leadership in Inclusive TeachingAnticipated, Fall 2024
Hope House ScholarsAnticipated, Summer 2024